Grilled Buffalo Wings

If you read yesterday’s post about the history of Buffalo chicken wings, you’re probably in the mood for large order (or two).  Although the original Buffalo wing comes dressed with a vinegar-based, cayenne pepper hot sauce, there are no rules to making wings.  Epi-Ventures has created a recipe for “Sticky Asian Chicken Wings” that are tender and delicious.  Watch in the video below as Courtney Tsitouris demonstrates how to make this creative take on the original.

Wings are also a perfect match for the grill.  You can adapt any wing recipe to be grilled instead of baked or fried.  Practice doing wings on the grill with this to-die-for recipe for “Grilled Honey Chipotle Wings.”  Once you get the hang of it, try grilling the asian wings or any other wing recipe you find.  You’ll never be forced to go to Hooter’s again.  (They have good wings right?)

photo by Isaac Wedin

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