Smokin’: “No Kitchen Required,” Classy Bottle Tumblers, Steak Vegas Sneak Peek, Cooking with Fire Is Nothing New

  • No Kitchen Required debuts on BBC America this week.  The show “seethes testosterone,” producers tell “The premise: Three chefs drop into exotic locations around the globe, get a taste of the local food, and then set out to forage and cook out in the open.”
  • Bottlehood

    Bottlehood recycled tumbers

    Recycled glassware company Bottlehood turns wine, beer, liquor, and soda bottles into beautiful repurposed vases, bowls, tumblers, pendant beads, and light fixtures.

  • offers a sneak peek inside Gordon Ramsay’s steak emporium at Paris Las Vegas, complete with “chunnel.”
  • It may have started with throwing raw bones on the fire, but researchers say they have discovered evidence that human ancestors were cooking with flames as long as 1.9 million years ago.
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