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Lizard Patrol

When the island of Boca Grande, Florida went from having an iguana population of zero to over 10,000, they decided they had a problem.  The iguanas were making it impossible for native plants and animals to survive, so they called … Continue reading

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Getting Ready to Grill

Have you ever felt embarrassed when seeing all your neighbors fire up their grills for a barbecue—embarrassed because your grill is sitting uncovered, unused, and in unbelievably bad condition?  That’s exactly what happened to New York Times columnist Bob Tedeschi. … Continue reading

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Caution: Time to Replace the Old Grill Brush

You’ve probably already been warned about E. coli bacteria and carcinogens that can be found in a slab of meat.  But this next danger is a new one even to us. A study recently published in the American Journal of … Continue reading

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Whole Hog Barbecue: The Embodiment of Patience and Hard Work

There is an area of rural western Tennessee where when people say barbecue they, without question, are referring to whole hog.  In this documentary, Joe York interviews some of the pitmasters, hog farmers, and butchers who “transform the lowly hog … Continue reading

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Grilled Chipotle Sriracha Wings

Skip the deep fryer and try using your grill to make some of the hottest and tastiest wings you’ve ever had.  Robyn Lindars, “the grill girl” behind, shares one of her most popular recipes of all time.  Once you … Continue reading

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Grills: You Get What You Pay For

As you look to upgrade your grilling and barbecue equipment this year, you may be tempted to hit the big box retailer where you can find a grill that has every bell and whistle known to man and still costs … Continue reading

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It’s Not Barbecue Without the Sauce

Looking to elevate your barbecue skills?  Take a few pointers from the pros like “The Legend” Mike Mills.  Mills and his Apple City Barbecue Team were the first ever three-time Grand Champions of the Memphis in May Barbecue Competition.  If … Continue reading

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Tips and Techniques for a Great Steak

Have you ever asked one of these questions: Why does my steak stick to the grates, How come I can’t get those great grill marks, How hot should my grill be, or Why is my steak dry and tough?  Well … Continue reading

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Woodfired Pizza on the Grill

Grilled pizza just got a little easier and tastier thanks to the debut of the KettlePizza.  Imagine achieving authentic wood fired pizza perfection right from your charcoal grill. The KettlePizza is an insert that sits directly inside your grill and … Continue reading

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Perfect Everyday Grills

There are all sorts of high quality grills on the market today.  If you’re looking for a great, readily available addition to your outdoor living space, look no further than the advice of Ace’s Home Expert, Lou Manfredini, who talks … Continue reading

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